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Sliding Door Repair Services

Are You Struggling with Your Sliding Door?

We are the experts when it comes to sliding doors!

Our expertise is to fix sliding doors that are hard to roll!

Sliding Door Repair Services in Allentown PA, as well as in the Lehigh Valley can be a hard task. There are no many sliding doors repair services in the area, therefore, we decided to provide this service in order to make it easier for the residents located in the Lehigh Valley PA.

With this in mind, we offer a full suite of sliding door repair services. This includes Patio door repair service, pocket door repair service, closet door repair service, screen door, and screen window repair service, and bi-fold door repair service.

In addition to our professional sliding door repair services, we also provide a ritual maintenance service. This means we will come to clean and strength your sliding door track, as well as lubricating the rollers, and checking your sliding door frame.

Sliding Door Repair Services

Professional Sliding Door Repair Services

We are the first and the fastest sliding door service company in Eastern Pennsylvania, in general, and the Lehigh Valley area in particular. Easy Sliding Doors, Inc is here to assist you anytime you may have a problem with your sliding door.

At this point, your location is no matter in order to call us and receive an answer to your sliding door problem. Perhaps, we can also recommend you several steps to improve your sliding door functional slides.

No matter what type of sliding door you have in your home. If you have an issue with the patio door of your master bedroom, or a closet door to your kitchen, or even a pocket door to your bathroom, we can help. We invite you to look at our sliding door repair services list and to see how your sliding door issue is been solved within a minute.

Patio Door Repair

Patio Sliding Door Repair

Patio sliding glass door is the door you can enjoy all day long. Think about the moment when you sit in your living room watching outside of your huge sliding glass door. Furthermore, using a sliding patio door give us the benefits of involving nature with our urban environment.

A patio door can be fun or a pain, especially when you need to struggle it open. Don’t let your patio door get over you, simply call us and with an hour it will slide again like it was a new patio door.

Pocket Door Repair

Pocket Door Repair

This is the most secretly sliding door in our home. Where is your pocket door disappear? Well, when you open a pocket door, it slides in the wall, so you cannot see it. A pocket door repair can be sometimes a hard task, not to mention a pain, but if you call Easy Sliding Door, we can do the hard work for you.

Call our pocket door repair service, and we will send one of our experts to repair your pocket door. Whether you have a pocket door to your bedroom or bathroom, we can help.

Closet Door Repair

Closet Door Repair

A closet door is almost the same as a pocket door, but instead of being inside the wall, it is on the surface of the wall. You can usually find a closet door in entering a bedroom, or on the side of a kitchen. A closet door is in our main life and on a daily basis, it is there for you to use it easily.

We can repair closet doors within minutes. It doesn’t matter what is the brand or the part is broken, we can replace it in a fairly time frame. Closet door rollers replacement or a closet door track repair is one of our top expert services.

Screen Door Repair

Screen Door Repair

Screen doors & windows provide us with a protection against mosquitos, and other flies and bugs bites. A screen sliding door or a sliding window can be fun in spring or autumn when it’s not too cold or too warm to sit out enjoying the nature.

We can replace your broken screen door or window in order to keep you and your family bites free of mosquitos and other flies. Call us whenever your screen door is damaged! Sliding door services in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Bi-Fold Door Repair

Bi-Fold Door Repair

We repair bi-fold doors that hard to roll. The operational way of a bi-fold door is kinda weird. When you open this door looks like an accordion while each part of the door moves in a different direction. With this in mind, a bi-fold door needs repair service more often than another door.

Call us whenever you notice a problem with your bi-fold door. We are a mobile team that repairs all types of sliding doors, as well as a bi-fold door. Whether you have a bi-fold door for your bedroom or your closet, we can help soon after you call us. Let us fix your bi-fold door, let us, sliding door experts to make your bi-fold door roll like new, once again.

Storm (Impact) Door Repair

Storm Door Repair

When you have an issue with your storm door, you can burly move it. In general, an impact storm door is very heavy and naturally hard to slide. Yet, we can easily help, as we have years of experience in repairing all kind of sliding doors. This includes an impact door or a storm door. Repair your storm door, hassle-free.

We are the sliding door professionals you would like to hire when you have an issue with your storm door. With an intention to fast sliding door repair service, we can send a repair team on the same day of your first call. Don’t struggle with your sliding storm door, call us now for a free estimate.

Sliding Door Rollers (Wheels) Repair

Sliding Door Roller Repairs

In regard to sliding door rollers, you may know that there are over than 50 different rollers of sliding doors. With this in mind, when you call us for a free estimate, we also check the operational level of your sliding door. By doing this, we can determine the condition of the wheels of your sliding door.

In addition, we can also find if your door needs only ritual maintenance in order to roll it smooth. Usually, we can repair or replace your sliding door wheels on the spot. We carry almost all types and styles of sliding door rollers, so we’re able to replace them on the spot. Your sliding door rollers can roll smoothly, once again.

Sliding Door Tracks Repair

Sliding Door Track Repair

Your sliding door tracks hold the entire weight of your sliding door. In addition, an external sliding patio door track also gathers dust, mud, and dirt. In this case, your sliding patio glass door will be very hard to roll on its track. With this in mind, we recommend doing a cleaning service for your patio door every 6 months.

Cleaning your sliding door tracks is not very complicated as long as you have the right tools and cleaning accessories. We don’t recommend to lubricate your patio door tracks with WD-40, as it will cause even a greater problem. Don’t hesitate to call us now to service your sliding door tracks.

Sliding Door Services in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA

Professional sliding door repair company in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA is ready to help you gain access to your backyard smooth and easy. We guarantee to make your sliding door roll like a new, without struggling with your sliding door, A smooth sliding door is very important to avoid stress during the day.

No matter what kind of sliding door you have in your home. It also no matter what issue you may have with your sliding door. Whether you need sliding door wheels replacement or sliding door track repair, or even sliding patio door lock, we can do it all.

It doesn’t matter what kind of professional sliding door repair services you may need, don’t hesitate to call us. Whether you need to repair an exterior sliding glass door or interior pocket door. Professional sliding door repair services with a wing of an eye.

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