We Repair Pocket Doors

Pocket Door Repair

Do you have a pocket door that sticks or doesn’t open or shut all the way?

We repair broken pocket doors in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, as well as the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. In general, repairing a pocket door can be a hard task, not to mention a messy task.

Usually, repairing a pocket door involves breaking your wall, but this is not the case with Easy Sliding Door Experts. Our Easy Sliding Door experts have the experience and the most advanced tools. In many cases, we can repair your pocket doors without cutting off or breaking your wall.

Sometimes the hardest part is getting the door out of the pocket or off the track. With this in mind, when you make us your only pocket door repair company in your area, you can rest assured that the job is done right. In addition, we always find a unique solution to your broken pocket door issue.

Pocket Door Repair

Pocket Door Repair Services in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA

If you’re located anywhere in the Lehigh Valley, and you want the best pocket door repair results, you may call us. Pocket doors are easy to identify! You can identify a pocket door by the track that runs into a pocket in your wall.

We are operating in the Lehigh County, and Northampton County. In addition, we also cover Monrow, Carbon, and Berks Counties of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, we use only original parts and hardware. It’s important to remember that our sliding door experts are qualified to repair any issue you may have with your pocket door.

Our Easy Sliding Door Repair team and hassle-free pocket door repair service are only one phone call away to suit you with a smooth and quiet pocket door. Either you have a pocket door to your bedroom, your bath, or your closet, we can help in no time.

Pocket Door Roller Repair Services

While a pocket door track is inside the wall, the pocket door rollers are inside the track. In general, a pocket door rollers are easy to break because usually, homeowners don’t call for a maintenance service.

When you considering to hire us, we promise not just we will make sure that the job was done to the best possible result, but we also assure to answer any question you may have. In regards to customer service, while other sliding door companies will schedule an appointment for few more weeks, we at Easy Sliding Doors will provide you a repair pocket door service on the same day.

Pocket Door Track Repair Service

We professionally repair regular pocket doors of all kinds. You can literally move your pocket door with one finger! Generally speaking, in many cases, your pocket door is hard to slide because of its damaged track.

If this is the case with your pocket door, worry not! We can professionally repair or replace pocket door tracks. We offer a quality pocket door repair service with an affordable price, and we’re available in a short notice.

No matter what pocket door tracks you may need, we can repair it in a short time frame.

Your Pocket Door Will Slide Like New

We recommend to hire us for a maintenance service to your pocket door. Pocket door rollers and tracks are easy to break, especially when you don’t service it once in a year. Once a year is enough time to service your pocket door because this door is inside the house, and most likely don’t gather lots of dirt, in time.

We offer a routine maintenance service to your pocket door, once a year. This will keep your pocket door rollers and tracks in a good shape longer, not to mention will help to avoid a major issue with your pocket door.

Easy pocket door repair service is only one phone call away to repair, and realign your pocket door. Call us whenever you need a pocket door repair service.

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